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My Story - Paul Stevens

Following a move from London to Sussex in 2011, I remember feeling that I'd lost my sense of connection with the world. I had lived in the same area all my life and the previous 20 years in the same house, a house that my grandparents had lived in before me. An area that had a strong community spirit, where my neighbours felt more like family.

As a Therapist, Mind Coach and Business Owner, I started to see a trend, in that so many people I came across felt lost and isolated in their social circles, not always wanting to hang out in a pub or wine bar or found it difficult to find a hobby or follow an interest. It was these clients that gave me the inspiration and motivation to create The Social Networking Group, which is now something very real and which I think truly special.

Turning an idea into reality

My vision for The Social Networking Group is to connect people, businesses and communities together. To create something special that not only supports us individually, but also creates a passion to work with and for the local community both ethically and environmentally.

The importance of socialising

With the constant balancing act of our work, family and life, it's easy to forget the importance of a real life social network! Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people has such a positive influence on our lives; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I believe that once you find your "tribe" or human connection, life becomes more fulfilling; that is the aim of The Social Networking Group.

Social events

We choose our keynote speakers from a diverse range of professionals who wish to share their knowledge and introduce you to their field of expertise. Our events are booked throughout the year, so there is something for everyone, with a wide mix of topics up for discussion! And afterwards the chance to social and relax with a drink in an un-rushed, inviting environment. It's a little different to a night in the pub, and offers a great way of socialising with friends or meeting new ones!

Unique experiences

We offer a variety of experiences that are unique and aimed at singles, couples and groups alike. So if you're looking for something a little different, want an experience you can come along to, meet people, socialise and learn something new, take a look, get inspired and start planning your unforgettable experience with us now.

The Tunbridge Wells Breakfast Club

Start the day with friends, chat, socialise and network over breakfast. The Tunbridge Wells Breakfast Club isn't just another business networking group, it's so much more; it creates an opportunity for likeminded people, business owners, entrepreneurs, and for anyone looking to talk, share (business or personal experiences) and learn from other people's journeys, in a fun, friendly, sociable atmosphere.

Meet the team

  • Paul Stevens Founder

  • Vickey Fitzell Marketing & Engagement

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