Numerology- Understanding your Life Path!

7th May

Time and place

Tue May 7th, 2019 7:30pm - 10:00pm

Vittle and Swig 26-28 Camden Road Tunbridge Wells TN1 2PT

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Tickets: £15.00

7:30pm - 10:00pm, Vittle and Swig 26-28, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2PT

Numerology not only reads you as a person but also looks at your past, present and future.

From just your name and date of birth I can calculate the entire blueprint of your existence. What you're good at, what you're not and even the way you interact with others.

According to the ancient Greek Philosopher Pythagoras 'All is number'. Using the same algebraic systems as the famous Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein when calculating predictions and theories, Numerologists make personal forecasts and explain the underlying energetic patterns that affect our lives and personal relationships.

I will be focusing on the life-path number during this numerology session as its considered one of the most important of the 5 core numbers. The Life Path Number, derived from the digits in your date of birth the life path reveals the road in which you travel through life, hidden opportunities and challenges. The perfect career, partner and even home can be found by combining this with other numbers in your chart or another's.

Numerology looks at life as if it were an educational process. Enhancing our talents and turning weaknesses into strengths.

Having an understanding of your numerical vibration can allow maximum soul growth and illuminates the path you were born to take. Numbers can change for us throughout our lives; the ones we are born with however, are the numerical blueprint of our existence. Just as unique and individual as the prints on our fingertips. Ever wondered why you get on so well with certain people but not so well with others? Some numbers simply are not 'friendly'. They vibrate at such different frequencies it's simply impossible for them to co-exist harmoniously.. This incompatibility can arise in relationships, business and even within a single personality.

I specialise in professional character profiling and business relationship analysis. My clientele include Celebrities, CEOs of major corporations and professionals from all walks of life.

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