Victoria Dorman

  • Zoopharmacognosy Consultant

Victoria Dorman is an Applied Zoopharmacognosy Consultant.

Animals have an innate ability to self-medicate using plants, clays and other natural remedies, and in the wild they will forage for them at the earliest stages of any health issue.

Over millions of years, animals have sought out medicines from the plants around them to maintain their health. We may all have seen our dogs eat grass, cats roll in catnip and horses eat lots of things other than grass. This is animal herbal self-selection - or Zoopharmacognosy - in action!

In captivity, although they have the same innate drives, but they do not have the freedom to roam and seek the remedies they need, and by the time they visibly appear unwell or distressed, any issue they have may have been building for some time.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy provides horses, dogs and other animals with the opportunity to make their own unique selection of the natural products needed for their physical and emotional wellbeing through the process of Applied Herbal Choices for Animals.

With the use of herbs, nutrients and essential oils, you will learn how this practice provides any animal with the opportunity to address both physical and emotional issues using their natural instincts to self select themselves!

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