Heather James

  • Pythagorean Numerologist

Heather James is a Pythagorean Numerologist, Visionary and Reiki Master.

Decoding and revealing the meaning behind numbers and letters using the ancient Pythagorean system of vortex mathematics.

Heather enables you to discover your true potential, gaining clarity about your life path, destiny and lessons to be learnt which we also call karma. Thus showing you how to direct yourself towards your future hopes and aspirations. Her detailed analysis provides deep and meaningful interpretations and transits that effect your years, months and days.

Heather's work has allowed her to expertly guide individuals to remove inconsistencies in their lives, leading them to enjoy fulfilling & healthy lifestyles. She is extremely passionate about the work she does, using only a pen, paper and her brain! No computer programmes in sight enabling you to experience a truly authentic consultation!

Specialising in professional character profiling, name changes, business relationship analysis and karmic twin flame relationships, her clientele include CEOs of major corporations and professionals from all walks of life.

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