Lawrence Rook

  • Chirologist

I have always been fascinated with psychology, self-awareness and personal development. I received my Diploma in Chirology when I was 18 and later completed a BSc in Chinese medicine when I was studying Chinese philosophy and meditation.

Throughout this time hand analysis remained my primary passion and I was able to study the hands of clinical patients as an acupuncturist continually developing my understanding of chirology.

For the last 11 years, I have worked as a chirologist. I have found analysing hands to be the most fascinating, insightful and accurate way of helping people. Through the links to the brain, nervous system, hormones and genetics I am able to understand a complete psychological and character profile of someone's personality, allowing me to see how someone can make changes and improve his or her life in any area.

Over the years I have read thousands of hands, in private consultations and at events across the UK and around the world, I am currently studying an MSc in Psychology and live in Bristol with my wife and our baby boy

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